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Al-Mumin [The giver of tranquility, Emaan, and Security]

Al-Mumin [The giver of tranquility, Emaan, and Security]
Al-Mumin [The giver of tranquility, Emaan, and Security]

Root Word

Mu’min comes from the root words hamza-meem-noon, pointing to four main meanings;

  • To be secure, safe, and free from fear

  • To be quiet and tranquil

  • To grant protection and safeguard

  • To affirm something

  • To believe in

Al-Mumin Meaning

Linguistically mu’min points out three major concepts. One is emaan(faith), which is to affirm something, and the opposite of it is to deny something.

Al Mumin is the One who affirms and believes His oneness;

Allahﷻ Himself bears witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Him. [Quran, 3:18]

The other concept is of aman, meaning security, safety, and freedom from fear. Al-Mumin is the One who affirms and believes His oneness; He is the One who gives security and removes the fear of it.

Al-Mumin Himself says;

He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, The Perfection, the Bestower of Faith. [Quran, 59:23]


We humans, work in a way that we always need security. Security to have food to eat, a place to sleep, work, relationships, or anything, speaking of the basics - and the rest comes after it.

Security is in knowing Allahﷻ is the best planner and giver

As a human, we never put ourselves or try not to put ourselves in something that does not come with security; a job, a relationship, or even something as trivial as buying a dress. We want everything to last, and everything to be permanent - though, we forget that essence of the creation of this world and everything in it; temporariness.

On the other hand, we humans, always take everything that is given to us, easily accessible, for granted. Our quest has always been what is not there, what we are in search of. We get indulged and fixated so much on what’s not there that we forget about what is given to us - and that is the reason we are always devoid of peace, and security.

We lose tranquility in the moments that make years and ages, and the small things that we are blessed with - it does not just end there - living our lives in search of everything that is not there, it becomes our lifestyle, our mindset to focus only on the things that are missing.

Security comes from reliance, gratitude, acceptance, and gratitude of things that are present, right there in the moment.

At this moment as you read this, there might be a million things you are thinking of you desired and longed for badly, and even prayed, but never got - but you miss and overlook the biggest blessing in not getting something - your prayers to Allahﷻ, Al-Mumin.

Imagine, if you did not want things, or did not have any desires, you would never have come to your Lord, Al-Mumin, every day, so badly, to pray, to ask, and to beg. SubhanAllah.

Faith is in keep asking Al-Mumin

The blessing in not getting something is that agitation that takes you to your Lord.

You, asking your Lord, Allahﷻ, is the biggest blessing - it’s your faith. With every passing moment, as your desire for a certain thing increases, your prayer to Allah increases. Your visits to your Lord increase. This faith that you have to ask Allah for is the biggest blessing you have.

What is better; getting something and forgetting Allahﷻ, or not getting something and begging Allahﷻ for it? SubhanAllah.

Allahﷻ is Al-Mumin, the giver of security, faith, peace, and tranquility - and it lies only with Him.

The more we connect to Him, and rely on Him alone, the more sense of security we feel - if not anything, we know that Allahﷻ is there, He is the creator, and the most powerful, and His word and promise are the ultimate truth.

Allahﷻ is Ar-Razzaaq(the provider) - Allahﷻ has promised to provide for everyone, and He does it in perfection by His wisdom.

Rizq(sustenance) does not just mean food - it means your family, friends, and people who are kind and have been of help to you in your worst times. Sustenance is also your children, your wealth, and peace. It is everything that you need.

What else there is we could desire? What security do we need any more, from anyone, besides ALLAHﷻ? Especially when He himself has promised it to the people of Iman.

Al-Mumin says: Indeed, those who say:

‘Our Lord is Allahﷻ,’ and then they remain firm (upon that statement), on them the angels will descend (saying): ‘Fear not, nor grieve! But receive the glad tidings of Paradise which you have been promised!’ [Quran, 41:30]

Isn't it a pure moment of gratitude?

Being grateful that the ALMIGHTY, Al-Mu’min, has given us ways to connect to Him, sometimes by giving, and sometimes by not giving the things we want.

If you are given something, be grateful to Allahﷻ, who is Al-Mu’min, so that He increases your blessings, and gives you strength and guidance to stay close to Him, and not forget Him.

When you are not given something, or something is taken away from you, keep your faith in Al-Mu’min. Pray for Iman, peace, and security in hard times, times you do not want or like, for this is also the love of Allahﷻ, Al-Mumin.


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