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The Pronouns Table template is made to ease you in your Arabic Grammar learning. 


This template includes;

  • The subject pronoun table | Dameer Munfasil
  • The attached pronoun table | Dameer Muttasil | Possessive pronouns
  • Ready-to-use printable practice sheets
  • Comparison tables for attached and detached pronouns
  • Notes taking section


Download and print these sheets to practice different words. 


The Arabic Pronouns Table is an essential tool for anyone looking to learn Arabic grammar. This handy table provides a comprehensive breakdown of pronouns in Arabic, with easy-to-use columns and English translations.


Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, this table is a must-have for improving your Arabic language skills. With its convenient size and user-friendly design, you can take it anywhere for on-the-go learning.

The Pronouns Table | Arabic Grammar Learning

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