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AL-BAARI [the originator, the evolver]

Allah calls Himself Al-Baari’ — The Originator, The Maker, The Evolver— on three ocassions in the Quran. He is the One who creates form out of nothing. Al-Baari’ creates with no model or similarity and evolves that which is in perfect proportion and harmony without any fault!

Root Word

Baari’ comes from the root baa-raa-hamza, pointing to three main meanings.

  • To create and to form out of nothing.

  • To evolve, using pre-existing matter.

  • To be individual and free and clear from another and from fault and blemish.

AL-BAARI Meaning

Al-Baari means, the producer, the inventor of everything that exists, in all the worlds-and Heﷻ also perfectly distinguishes them; animals from humans, from jinns to celestial beings, and earth to the water and the sky.

The meaning “to evolve, using pre-existing matter” isn’t used for Allah, but the creation.

It is Allah who not only creates the creation but also sustains and lets it evolve through His mercy. From another perspective, a human can create or invent new things, but those are not free of faults and flaws, unlike Al-Baari, the creator, and evolver.

But to understand the difference between the creator and the creation, it is important to understand that Allah is perfection, flawless, and not dependent like humans.

Allah does not create with a flaw.

He does not need many takes to create something.

Allah does not need anything pre-existing to create new things.

He plans/wills it as Al-Khaliq, and creates it as Al-Baari.

There is no trial and error for Allah.

There is no experimenting for Allah.

He says, kun(lit. be it), and the existence comes into existence.

He is Allah, the Creator, the Inventor of all things, the Bestower of forms. To Him belong the Best Names . All that is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. (Surat Al-Hashr59:24)


We, humans, always need something to start from, to hang on to, and to end on.

-and in finding that sliver of love and hope, we lose our way, in the world.

If we have never reflected on what we are doing to please our Lord, we neither have ever reflected upon why we get lost in the world - but all surely have one question, what went wrong?

What if I say nothing went wrong?

It is not necessary, every time, for something to go wrong.

What if it’s us, going the wrong way?

Technically, we should let go of what hurt us once, instead, it starts consuming us, holding us hanging in the middle.

Anything that is dependent on any other thing, can never be perfect.

It's gonna end.

It's gonna hurt.

Anything that itself is in need, can never become the source.

One can only give what they have. And if someone gives you pain, hate, rejection, and betrayal, that is all they have.

When someone does not have a source of love, justice, patience, and contentment, they cannot give it.

Allah is the unlimited, and limitless source of kindness, mercy, love, sincerity, loyalty, and everything.

Allah al-Baari’ makes a parable: O mankind! Here is an example for your understanding, so listen to it carefully. Those deities whom you call besides Allah, cannot create a single fly, even if they all combined their forces, rather, if a fly snatches away anything from them they cannot even get it back; how feebleminded are the suppliants and how powerless are those whom they supplicate! [Quran, 22:73]

How can we create or develop something that we never have seen, or experienced?

If someone is not sincere to their Lord, who blew breath in them, then sustained them, provided for them, and the one who can also take it all from them in an instance, just like in an instant all of this was created, how can they be sincere to anyone.

If we ourselves are not sincere to our Lord, then what else is there? We all need to ask this ourselves, one time during the day. Are we sincere to the source of sincerity?

Whom are you attaching yourself to? If nothing else, one thing a human understands well is to have a company that benefits them. Everyone looks for their benefit, isn't it how the world is working - then where is our benefit when we attach to the world?

Where is our benefit when the material consumes us?

When we give our time to things that we ain’t going to take to our graves?

We never think, why are we giving our energy to someone who isn’t contributing to our wellbeing, religion, and growth - and why do we ruin ourselves for the things and people who are living on the mercy of One Lord, who is everyone’s Lord?

So where does your attachment lie? To whom? Is your source of attachment perfect and never-ending? What hinders your attachment to ALLAH?

Connect to your Lord!

Allah is the only one who makes it all happen.

The happiness that you cry for is with Allah.

The job that you strive for is with Allah.

The love you crave is with Allah.

And also, your pain is with Allahﷻ, and so are your worries

It is Allah, who has made things happen for you.

And it is Allah who will make things happen for you.

It is Allah who created you beautiful, and kind.

And He will give you what is best for you.

In mean meantime, immerse yourself in His divine love.

Take time to reflect on what is it that stops you from connecting to your Lord.

It is a reminder I need for myself.

It is a reminder that I need people who give me this reminder.

I need to be indulged in things that contribute to helping me achieve my goal.

I need everything from Allah, which leads to Allah - for I am from Allah, and I am going to Allah.


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