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AL-KHAALIQ [The Creator, The Maker]

AL-KHAALIQ [The Creator, The Maker]

Root Word

Khaaliq comes from the root “khaa-laam-qaaf" which points to three main meanings;

  • To measure accurately or to proportion one thing according to another.

  • To create something.

  • To bring a thing into existence from non-existence.


Linguistically, khalq refers to creating, or making. Al-Khaaliq is the One who the time and existence itself. The One who created everything that eyes can see, including the eyes that can see.

To know the Khaaliq, it is important to know, understand, and accept the difference between the khaaliq(creator), and the makhlooq(created).

Allah created everything, but nothing created Him. Allah exists pre-eternally, even before the existence was brought into existence - and Allah exists eternally, when everything will stop existing.

Allah alone is the creator, and the rest is creation. He alone manages the affairs of everything that is created - and everything is bound and dependent solely on Allah’s sustenance.

The Khaaliq(creator) is not like the created, but the exact opposite of it.

Internal and external factors bind the creation, but Allah is not bound by anything.

He is absolute, and transcends time, space, quality, and quantity.

Al-Khaaliq says in the Quran: He is Allah, the Creator, the Inventor, the Fashioner; to Him belong the best names [Quran 59:24]


How beautifully, after the name Al-Mutakabbir, the next name of Allah Al-Khaaliq comes.

Al-Mutakabbir means to be great, highest in rank, and proud - and being the Al-Khaaliq, creator, and sustainer, He deserves the rank, and the pride.

In a beautiful way, it explains two most important things; pride and greatness belong to Allah alone, and it suits the one who is at that place of highness, authority, power, love, and justice - which is only Allahﷻ, Al-Khaaliq.

Al-Khaaliq Humbles me!

Being humble is the essence of submission to Allah. If I have a heart that stays humble, it is not something I should be proud of, but it is the mercy of Allah to give me a soft heart.

“So is one whose heart Allah has opened up for Islam and he is upon a light from his Lord (like one whose heart rejects it)? Then woe to those whose hearts are too hard to remember Allah. They have clearly lost their way” (39:22).

As I learned more, and connected more to my Lord, my Khaaliq, my pride, my ego dissolved, for how can I take pride in anything that I have, including my heart that feels love to Allah - or, do I really know my Lord, if there is any pride in my heart?

To submit, you have to understand that YOU REALLY HAVE TO SUBMIT to Allah, everything - firstly your sense of self. Submitting the sense of self, to me, means, to make my existence the biggest reminder, and the creator of that existence the focus of it all.

I don’t have anyone, but Al-Khaaliq

This feeling of not having anyone or someone hits us many times, and that is a natural human instinct. We all come to a point where we are left just alone.

I used to think, why do I feel the need to have anyone? Is Allah not enough for me?

We have a little misconception that we must not even feel the need to have someone who truly understands us, or loves us because we have Allah.

We surely have Allah, and He is the only one who is always with us, from the time we were not created, and the till the time, we will be brought back to Him, and beyond that. SubhanAllah.

Having human company, and having your Lord is beautifully connected - and Allah has created us in a way to have someone on earth as a companion, a friend, or a spouse, we all do crave connection - and that craving is valid.

However, we can only have that true connection through Allah.

I truly, only now understand, and I am grateful for losing many connections because we were not on the same page with our connection to Allah - and our companionship indeed affects our connection with our Lord.

Be it family, friends, or a partner, the sole and the most important and the first connection every human should have is with Allah. If any one person in any kind of companionship lacks that connection, it does not work.

It tells me that it’s al-Khaaliq who blesses me with this connection, and it is al-Khaaliq, to whom I can and must ask for the same love of Allah for my family, friends, and spouse

- and it is the same al-Khaaliq, for whom I should leave the company that hinders my growth towards Allah.

And I should let go of the people who left me, and the people who do not have Allah as the center of their existence or purpose of life.

And, it is the same Al-Khaliq, to whom, I can ask for people in my life, especially a partner who fears Allah, and who is sincere with Allah - for if someone is not sincere with Allah, means they are not sincere with themselves - and someone who is not sincere to his creator, and himself, can never be sincere to anyone.

and so do we keep our focus on the source of sincerity and love to receive better.

It’s only the pleasure of Al-Khaaliq

The only one answer to all our problems is the pleasure of Al-Khaliq!

Sometimes, even in our goodness or shyness, we do things that do not resonate with us, only because we haven’t ever really learned to say no - but we also never really made any effort to know our Lord.

Say, no!

Say no to pleasing people. Anything that does not please Allah, or anything, any relationship that calls for the displeasure of Allah - do not feel hesitant or shy to say no to it.

In the end, the only thing that matters is the pleasure of your Lord, and it is easier to please one Lord, than pleasing people.


There will always be something, still left, even if you do your all, give your all.

That is the difference between the creator and the creation.

The creator takes care of the creation, but the creation needs to be taken care of - And to fulfill their needs, then it does not matter even if people take that at the cost of someone else’s emotions, efforts, love, or sincerity.

The love of my Lord, connection, and knowledge of my religion are the only things that made me finally realize and see the reality of the world.

Go above and beyond only for your Lord - no one else is deserving of losing your Rabb.

Do not fear, if you lose someone.

Do not fear, if you lose some things.

Do not fear, if you lose it all - because all that you need is THE PLEASURE OF AL-KHAALIQ - everything comes from Allah, and everything returns to Him - so make sure when you are alive, you are pleasing your Lord, and when you are going to return to Him, your Lord is pleased to see you.


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