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Ar-Raheem Meaning [The bestower of mercy]

Ar-Raheem Meaning
Ar-Raheem Meaning

Root Word.

Ar-Raheem originates from the root Raa-haa-meem, like Ar-Rahmaan.

It points to four meanings:

  • The first meaning is to be kind and loving.

  • The second is to be merciful.

  • The third is showing favor.

  • The fourth meaning is having everything needed for beneficence.

Ar-Raheem Meaning.

Linguistically, Raheem (from the ending root word “eem”) demonstrates continuity or recurrence. Allah’s mercy is intense and continuous. It encompasses everything.

Ar-Rahmeen meaning denotes the magnitude/vastness of Allaah's mercy, whereas, al-Raheem speaks of its impact on His creation. In simple words:

Al-Rahmaan is the Owner of wide Mercy, whereas al-Raheem is the Owner of Mercy that embraces His creation. Consider a blessing rain, and envision it to be very powerful and constant. Allah is both profoundly and incessantly Compassionate.


We fail to see Allah’s mercy because of our perception of how we see ALLAH. We think Allah is being merciful only when we are given what we desire. Millions of things come as a blessing in our lives. From waking up every day to going to sleep with a belly full of food is Allah's mercy on us. Seeing the sun every day, having another day to get closer to Allah, repent, and remember our lord, Almighty Allahﷻ is a huge blessing.

A properly functioning body is the greatest blessing of the creator, we only get to realize this when we are hit with illness, and even then we complain about the illness. We forget to be grateful when we are blessed with sound health.

Have you ever wondered, going to work and coming back home safe and sound is Allah’s kindness, love, and mercy on us? Anything can happen to us in a long 24-hour day, and nothing can stop it if Allah wills, yet we reach back home to our loved ones is the mercy of Allah on us.

Only the things that are physical/material are not only blessings. A big house, a new car, branded clothes, or an expensive phone are not the only blessings. When we shift our focus on all things intangible, our minds cannot comprehend the kindness and mercy of Allah on us. It's vast and magnificent.

Abu Huraira reported: I heard Allah's Messenger ﷺ as saying: “Verily, on the day Allah created the heavens and the earth, He created one hundred parts of Rahma. Each part can fill what is between the heavens and the earth. He made 1 part of Rahma for the earth, from which a mother has compassion for her child, animals and birds have compassion for each other (so much so that an animal lifts its hoof over its young lest it should hurt it” [Book 37, Number 6629]

Salman Farisi reported Allah's Messengerﷺ as saying:

Verily, there are one hundred parts of mercy for Allah, and it is one part of this mercy by virtue of which there is a mutual love between the people and ninety-nine reserved for the Day of Resurrection. [Sahih Muslim 2753a]

May Allah bless us with a reasoning mind, and a sound heart. May Allah give us the sight to see the uncountable blessing He bestows on us, and limitlessly. May Allah bless us with the sense to realize and appreciate the kindness of our lord, and be more grateful. Ameen!

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Samer Zahra
Samer Zahra
22 Mar 2023

That’s beautiful 🌸🌸😢


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