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Ar-Rahman Meaning [The most and entirely merciful]

Ar-Rahman Meaning - 99 names of Allah
Ar-Rahman Meaning

Root Word.

Rahman comes from the root raa-haa-meem, which points to four main meanings.

  • To have gentleness and love

  • To have mercy.

  • To show favor,

  • To have all that is required for beneficence.

Ar-Rahman Meaning.

The Most Gracious, the intensely Merciful.

Linguistically, Rahman denotes intensity (thus the -aan ending). Ghadbaan, for example, means "extremely angry." Ar-Rahman meaning emphasizes the intensity, quantity, and grandeur of Allah 'azza wajal's kindness (rahmah), and the attribute of grace is inextricably linked to the Almighty.


As you read this, you may not notice your breathing, that's how smooth it is - the mercy of AR-RAHMAN. It's there, but so normal that we forget to be grateful for it.

And if you focus a little more, who is in control of that? Allah, AR-RAHMAN; the most and entirely merciful.

It's feeling, not fearing! We realize it or not, IT IS THERE, the mercy of Ar-Rahman, in all forms, and aspects of our lives. He is merciful to all His creation, in different forms. Every person sees or experiences the mercy of Ar-Rahman for how they think of Allah.

Some are grateful for waking up in the morning, while some do not even feel content having everything they ever asked for - but the mercy of our lord, Allah, the most magnificent is always in action. And when you feel it, you surrender to gratitude. A rush of emotions, awe; how merciful is ALLAH to you. He has given you life, once again, today, like all other days you have spent.

The secret ingredient to anything is to start small, basic, and essential. When I feel

like there is nothing, I shift my focus on the smallest thing, the crux, the core, an atom.

The base, a foundation, a start; and that is how we go a step farther. Nothing in the world is about "how much" you have achieved, it is about how you started.

Start with pondering a little more on things going around you in a day that reminds you of AR-Rahman. And when you do that, take a deep breath and say "Alhumdulillah". Again, it's not about you having to hit a count, it's about "you mean it". That's how you count it.

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Samer Zahra
Samer Zahra
Mar 21, 2023

Beautiful 🥺

submission is healing - spiritual journey - spiritual healing - islamic spirituality

Sanniya Arif

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