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I am waiting for ALLAH to put it in my heart!

Well to break the bubble, there is no such thing as I am waiting for ALLAH to put it in my heart.

Surely, it is only Allah, who can put anything in our hearts. But, this statement revolves around wanting something and making an actual effort for it.

Indeed, Allāh will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. [13:11]

It is clear from this ayah that to gain anything on a spiritual level (and even on a material level) it is first our responsibility to work for it.

We, as humans, are never ready to give anyone what we feel they do not deserve or have earned. How petty we are. We do not have the patience and the tolerance to be kind to people who treat us badly. Our first instinct is “ I’ll treat you, the way you treat me”, “You get what you give”, simple as that. How small we are.

So where do we get that audacity to complain to Allah for anything that He sends our way? Have we ever questioned ourselves, did we really deserve what we got up till now, given what is right and wrong, the people ALLAH loves, and do not love? Given, what makes us deserving of the good. Even though He still has since forever, blessed us with more than we deserved, saved us, and protected us, despite all our shortcomings.

It is the point where we should just wholeheartedly submit and surrender to our lord with humility, and gratitude.

Yet, rather than being grateful to Him, and repenting to Him for our own shortcomings, how easily we sit in our worldly comforts and think Allah will choose us one day too. Hope is a good thing, having an optimistic view of our lord is what He himself teaches us - the thing that hurts is that the next moment we carry on with our lives.

Even though, despite everything in perspective, the mercy of Allah has no boundaries, and He can guide whomever He wills. It is not ours to even comprehend His decree.

As humans, and above that, as faithful servants of Allah, our thing is to incorporate the attitude of gratitude, repentance to Allah, effort, and striving for the best.

What is it that makes us think we are deserving of only good things, and the question; why this is not, and that is happening to me, just becomes baseless, if we really, truly get into the essence of gratitude and repentance.

Gratitude, for our master is merciful that He gives us time and a million chances every single day to come to Him, and correct ourselves, to realize that it is us who need Him. Repentance for we are forgetful, negligent, and ungrateful.

It is good to keep high hopes with Allah, we never know; if Allah wills, only that one good hope from Allah can be our salvation. Allah knows the hearts and at its best. But, it truly is not good to delay striving every single second to correct ourselves and obey Allah.

So again, what is that one thing which, by default, shapes our whole human perspective of being deserving of guidance?

It’s the boundless mercy of Allah and HIS exalted attributes that we are still getting more than what we have earned. The question of good or bad becomes non-existent.

He is Ar-Rahman(the most beneficent) that He showers His blessing upon us, despite us being unfaithful to Him - through our actions and thoughts.

He is Ar-Rahim(the most merciful) for He does not stop provision for us, despite we being ungrateful to Him.

He is Al-Ghafoor(the all-forgiving), He does not punish us for our sins, instantly, right at the moment we sin. There is nothing that can stop Him, even though He has made it clear the things that incur Allah’s wrath on us, and yet, still, He waits for us to turn to Him.

He is Al-Lateef(the subtle, gentle) that He disposes of our affairs in the best possible way, beneficial for us, despite us forgetting about Him.

It is the mercy of our lord, and His love, and shyness that He does not leave His servants despite how ungrateful we are, how much we transgress against HIS divine power and authority without fear - knowing His status.

How do we not do anything to correct ourselves, and keep doing worldly things, in the hope that one day Allah will put His love in our hearts and everything will come into place, and we will be at the best level of our faith, and spirituality?

I don’t remember the moment, I realized this, but it completely changed my life and whole perspective about life, myself, and my lord, one and only true lord, Allah. It showed me all my flaws, my shortcoming, how wrong and negligent I have been - and it gave me a headstart.

We can brush the whole argument under the rug saying, “It is Allah who can choose whomever He wants”, but I want to tell you that He does not need us. It’s us who badly need Him. it’s us who need to immediately correct ourselves - if we call ourselves believers, and if we claim to love Allah.

To me, it gives a sense of fear and immense gratitude. Fear for I feel that I have spent most of my life transgressing against Allah in all small things that I never realized weren't normal. The world we live in, all that is not, isn't. Gratitude for Allah gives me the next day to repent to Him and correct myself.

It’s the mercy of Allah that He even counts our sincere intentions as good deeds. But, for once, look into your heart, and ask yourself, isn’t it unfair, not to ALLAH, but ourselves? How much bad can we do to ourselves, when Allah keeps reminding us with every word of His, and through His prophets, through His book, what is right and what is wrong? What we should do and we should not.

Having a complete, very well-curated manual, if we still fail to follow the instructions, who is at fault here? What do we complain about?

For instance, if you buy a machine, it comes with a manual. If you follow the instructions, it will work fine, and if you won’t follow the manual, you cannot complain to the manufacturer about it not working properly or breaking down. Isn’t it absurd? It's like making a fool of yourself.

On the other hand, our lord, not only has given us the manual, He has given us a free lifetime subscription for all the support.

This life will end one day, and it won’t see what our plans were for the next day. If we cannot stand up today for what is right, there is no tomorrow.

But we never attempt to go through the thought process of “if someone is on the right path, they may have been seeking it for a long time, they may have been working towards it for God knows how much time. How many things they loved or maybe still like to do, but they have left it for the sake of Allah.

It is not that you will one day stop loving what you used to love, it is about leaving what you love for the sake of ALLAH.

Because let me be clear, it is not about everything that you see(especially on social media speaking of today’s world), but, with ALLAH it is all about what you do not see.

A heart that yearns for the love of Allah! A mind that continuously fights the temptations of the world. A soul that suffers to please HIS lord.

We, humans, think only about ourselves, so to just that, are we preparing for our own salvation?

Are we preparing for the rewards Allah has for the believers?

Are we preparing for true guidance?

Are we preparing to be loved by Allah?

And the most important question is, are we even preparing to save ourselves?


“Is he then who is a believer like him who is a transgressor? They are not equal.” [Surah Sajdah: 18]

A believer and a non-believer can never be the same. And to be a believer, it is important to show it with our actions, and not just accept it with your heart. Our hearts as Muslims believe Allah is the true one God, our God. But, do our actions show what we believe?

If we believe Allah is our true one lord, then we must believe in everything that comes from Him. And then we also must know His glory, power, and capability. Then we also must know that if He is the most kind, He also is the most just. Where He can guide and forgive whomever He wills, He will also not let any wrong go unattended.

No one knows the best about balance than Allah Himself. We must not sway with the notion that Allah is the most kind and He will forgive, He surely will, but only if He wills. As much as it is important to remember and rely on Allah's mercy, it is important to remind ourselves of His wrath.

We must both LOVE AND FEAR Allah to bring the right balance in our lives.

Where Allah says, to be kind to even the unkind, He also says not to be unnecessarily oppressed by anyone. It simplifies that there is a fine line between everything. Knowing that line is important.

Intentionally keep doing the wrong saying Allah is the most forgiving does not make sense!

It's hard to accept what I have just said, but it is a necessary realization to correct ourselves. We are indulged in the comfort and gain of this world life to the level that we are not willing to let that go at any cost, not even for our own good, which is in the life hereafter. We think this is the only life, but this is not. 10, 20, 60 years - still it is nothing in comparison to eternity, which is the life hereafter.

May ALLAH guide us, and bless us with the strength to make the real effort and bring the change in our actions, in our thoughts, and in our conduct towards HIM, ourselves, and others.

Where you pray and seek guidance every single moment, it is important to stand up and work for it. It is not hard and never too late to correct ourselves. Again, our lord is the most merciful - He knows, and He sees what is outside and what is inside of us. Get up, and start, take that first step towards correcting yourself for the sake of Allah alone.

Let's make an intention to stand up for change at this very moment. You will forever be thankful to yourself for this one thing you are going to do for the sake of Allah.

Before doing anything else at this very moment, think of one thing, big or small, you are going to change for the sake of ALLAH - and DO IT, and tell yourself that this will be permanent. No matter how hard it will be for you, no matter what worldly things and people you will lose for that one right thing that you are going to do for Allah.

*Leave your remarks on it, or one thing that you will truly, really, actually will implement in your life or leave for the sake of ALLAH.


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